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Tiffany has always had a passion for art making and she cultivated this deep desire to make and create art from a very early age. She always knew she wanted to live a creative life.  Tiffany graduated from University of California San Diego in 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, where her focus was in drawing and painting. After graduating college, she continued to focus on drawing, but in 2005 her attention began to shift away from traditional drawing when she saw encaustic painting for the first time. In 2014, Tiffany dedicated her art practice to encaustic painting. With this medium she is able to use the skills she cultivated in drawing and painting as well as explore the boundless avenues of encaustic. Since her exploration into encaustic painting she has exhibited in San Diego County, Northern California, as well as exhibitions on the East Coast.

Currently, Tiffany works out of her home studio in San Diego County along with her husband, Neal Bociek, a very accomplished sculptor and their little black poodle, Riley, who provides them with endless joy, laughter and inspiration. 

Artist Statement

Encaustic work for me is the blending together of the conscious and unconscious mind.  The inspiration for my work comes from everywhere: the glistening morning dew on a leaf; the earthy scent of damp earth on a hot day; the bright colors of a bathing suit in a shop window; the soft pastels of macarons all lined up like ornately colored tin soldiers; or the complicated and mind bending lectures on theories of black holes, light-speed and time-travel. My work is inspired by these conscious observations, but it is about absorbing what inspires me then the letting go and free falling within myself and letting my unconscious mind (or maybe it is my imagination that takes control) to meld together into my waxy dreamland.

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